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Hi, my name is Helen Clark and I've been in Saudi Arabia for 4 years. I was Teaching Assistant at Taif Primary School until my move to Tabuk at the beginning of 2015.


Previously I've worked as a Laboratory Technician at colleges and universities in the UK, I've always loved science and working in education.


I've enjoyed running science clubs both in Taif and, more recently, in Tabuk. And now I'm very excited to have the opportunity to work with the staff and children of TPS :-)


Helen Clark

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I have been in Saudi Arabia since 1995, 5 years in Dhahran and the rest here in Tabuk.


I worked as an assistant in a pre-school (in Dhahran) for about 3 years and I spent 7 years as a nail technician working from home.


I have been working as a teaching assistant at TPS since 2008 and I love it!! It is the most enjoyable and rewarding job I have had since coming to Saudi. The staff are all great fun to work with and the children aren't bad either :-) !!

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